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In Rosignano there are many cafes and bars in and around the yacht charter harbor. So after a long relaxing day on the yacht the crew can then enjoy a nice drink with a little snack or a delicious dinner in Rosignano. For those yacht charter guests, who are interested in culture, Rosignano offers a lot of interesting sights which are certainly worth stopping over for. The marina in Rosignano is centrally located and presents a large number of yacht charter offers and a lot of other water sports. Also good shopping facilities are offered in the vicinity of the port of Rosignano. So even the food shopping during a yacht charter in Rosignano is fast and easy. But also souvenir shopping is pleasant in Rosignano: modestly priced deals to enrich a yacht charter. In order to start your journey in Rosignano smothly, an airport shuttle to and from the yacht charter base can be arranged on your request. Year by year charter crews return to Rosignano to sail from here again.

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