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In Belize you find good yacht charter conditions. If you want to charter from Belize you can choose from a wide range of motor and sailing yachts. Moreover, many yacht charter bases in Belize offer a transfer to or from one of the international airports. Therefore the team can start relaxed in its holidays. The ideal sailing conditions in Belize attract many tourists every year, where water enthusiast can truly profit from. A stopover at one of the many culturally rich spots on land in Belize during a yacht charter holiday can enhance a cruise in quite a positive way. The most common instruments of payment in Belize also on the yacht charter bases and in the restaurants are the same as everywhere else in the world. The crew can thus pay by credit card or cash. Cheques are no longer accepted in most of the marinas in Belize. From the cash points of the major banks the holiday makers can easily get money 24/7 for a probable small charge. The sailors will find many different shopping opportunities not only in the big centers of Belize. Apart from the national language English is made use of as the common communication language in Belize. The legal requirements in Belize for a yacht charter are equivanlet to the European standards. The predominant weather conditions in Belize ensure a wonderful sailing holiday. Moreover the inhabitants are generally very nice and accommodating. Also the delicious, fresh and varied food inBelize guarantees a yacht charter holiday that will be hard to forget.
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